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In approving tentative or parcel maps, conditional use permits, variances, or other similar land use entitlements, the city shall impose conditions reasonably related to the mitigation of the impacts of graffiti. Such conditions may include, but are not limited to:

(1) Developer shall apply an anti-graffiti material of a type and nature that is acceptable to the city manager to each surface viewable by the public on the improvements to be constructed on the site deemed by the city manager or designee to be likely to attract graffiti (“graffiti attracting surfaces”).

(2) Developer shall grant to city a covenant upon the subject property or properties for the right of ingress and egress to such property upon 48 hours of posting of notice by authorized city employees or agents of the city for the purpose of removing or abating graffiti from graffiti attracting surfaces, and for the right to remove such graffiti.

(3) Developer shall provide the city with sufficient matching paint and/or anti-graffiti material for use in the painting over or removal of designated graffiti attracting surfaces for as long as the developer owns the property.

(4) Developer shall provide, either as part of the conditions, covenants and restrictions, or as separate covenants recorded against individual lots, prior to resale of the same property or land, a covenant to run with the land and be for the benefit of the city, in a form satisfactory to the city, that the owner of the lots shall immediately remove any graffiti placed thereon. (Ord. 632 § 2, 2013).