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(1) A cannabis retailer shall implement sufficient security measures to deter and prevent the unauthorized entrance into areas containing cannabis or cannabis products and to deter and prevent the theft of cannabis or cannabis products at the cannabis retailer. Except as may otherwise be determined by the city manager, these security measures shall include, but are not limited to, all of the following:

(a) Preventing individuals from remaining on the premises of the cannabis retailer if they are not engaging in an activity directly related to the permitted operations of the cannabis retailer.

(b) Establishing limited access areas accessible only to authorized cannabis retailer personnel.

(c) All cannabis and cannabis products shall be stored in a secured and locked room, safe, or vault. All cannabis and cannabis products shall be kept in a manner designed to prevent diversion, theft, and loss.

(d) Installing 24-hour security surveillance cameras of at least HD-quality to monitor all entrances and exits to and from the premises, all interior spaces within the cannabis retailer, which are open and accessible to the public, all interior spaces where cannabis, cash or currency is being stored for any period of time on a regular basis, and all interior spaces where diversion of cannabis could reasonably occur. The cannabis retailer shall be responsible for ensuring that the security surveillance camera’s footage is remotely accessible by the city manager, and that it is compatible with the city’s software and hardware. Video recordings shall be maintained for a minimum of 90 days and shall be made available to the city manager upon request. Video shall be of sufficient quality for effective prosecution of any crime found to have occurred on the site of the cannabis retailer.

(e) Sensors shall be installed to detect entry and exit from all secure areas.

(f) Panic buttons shall be installed in all cannabis retailers.

(g) Having a professionally installed, maintained, and monitored alarm system.

(h) Any bars installed on the windows or the doors of the cannabis retailer shall be installed only on the interior of the building.

(i) The premises shall be live monitored 24 hours a day unless the cannabis retailer has an alternative security program authorized by the city manager. Security personnel must be licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services personnel and shall be subject to the prior review and approval of the city manager, which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

(j) Additional security measures may be added through the review of a retail cannabis business permit application.

(2) Each cannabis retailer shall identify a designated security representative or liaison to the city, who shall be reasonably available to meet with the city manager regarding any security related measures or any operational issues.

(3) Each cannabis retailer (including as part of the retail cannabis business permit application process) shall have a storage and transportation plan and currency management plan, which describes in detail the procedures for safely and securely storing, disposing and transporting all cannabis, cannabis products, and any currency.

(4) The cannabis retailer shall cooperate with the city whenever the city manager makes a request, upon reasonable notice to the cannabis retailer, to inspect or audit the effectiveness of any security plan or of any other requirement of this chapter.

(5) A cannabis retailer shall notify the city manager within 24 hours after discovering any of the following:

(a) Significant discrepancies identified during inventory. The level of significance shall be determined by the regulations promulgated by the city manager.

(b) Diversion, theft, loss, or any criminal activity involving the cannabis retailer or any agent or employee of the cannabis retailer.

(c) The loss or unauthorized alteration of records related to cannabis and cannabis products or registering customers or employees and/or agents of the cannabis retailer.

(d) Any other breach of security. (Ord. 730 § 5, 2022).