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(1) Each cannabis retailer shall maintain accurate books and records in an electronic format, which detail all revenues and expenses of the business, including, but not limited to, all of its assets and liabilities. At the time of the performance review of a retail cannabis business permit issued pursuant to this chapter, each cannabis retailer shall file a sworn statement detailing the number of sales by the cannabis retailer during the previous 12-month period (or shorter period based upon the timing of the request) detailing sales for each month within such period in question. The statement shall also include gross sales for each month and all applicable taxes paid or due to be paid.

(2) Each cannabis retailer shall maintain a current register of the names and the contact information (including the name, address, and telephone number) of anyone owning or holding an interest in the cannabis retailer and, separately, the same contact information of all officers, managers, employees, agents, and volunteers currently employed or otherwise engaged by the cannabis retailer. The register required by this subsection shall be provided to the city manager upon a reasonable request.

(3) Each cannabis retailer shall maintain a record of all purchases and sales of cannabis and cannabis products for a period of no less than seven years.

(4) All cannabis retailers shall maintain an inventory control and reporting system that accurately documents the present location, amounts, and descriptions of all cannabis and cannabis products.

(5) Subject to any applicable restrictions under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) regulations, each cannabis retailer shall grant the city manager access to the business’s books, records, accounts, together with any other data or documents relevant to its operation, for the purpose of conducting an audit or examination. Books, records, accounts, and any and all relevant data or documents shall be produced no later than 10 business days after receipt of the city manager’s request for such data, unless otherwise stipulated by the city manager. The city manager may require the materials to be submitted in an electronic format that is compatible with the city’s software and hardware. (Ord. 730 § 5, 2022).