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Notwithstanding the provisions of CMC 19.04.010, subsection (A) of Section 21.28.140 of Title 21 of the Los Angeles County Code is hereby deleted from the subdivision ordinance of the city of Cudahy. A new subsection (A) of Section 21.28.140 is hereby added to the subdivision ordinance of the city of Cudahy to read as follows:

a. If all or any of the local park space obligation for a residential subdivision is not satisfied by the provision of local park space designated by the advisory agency pursuant to Section 21.24.350, the following park fees shall be paid as a condition precedent to final approval of the subdivision:

1. A base fee equal to the local park space obligation derived from the equation set forth in Section 21.24.340, less the amount of park space, if any, provided by the subdivider pursuant to Section 21.24.350, times the median fair market value per acre of the land in public parks of three (3) or more acres in the multi-family residential (R-3) zone within the City if such land were not used for or zoned for park or recreational purposes. An additional fee, equalling fifty percent (50%) of the base fee, shall also be assessed for park and recreational facility development.

2. The fair market value of the land in such public parks shall be determined at the subdivider’s expense by a qualified real estate appraiser selected by the City for such appraisal. Such appraisal shall exclude improvements. Alternatively, and with the approval of the advisory agency, the subdivider may rely upon any appraisal previously used by the City for purposes of this section.

(Ord. 459 § 1. 2002 Code § 19-1.9).